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Keeping it simple the Seeker is a classic lace up pump. This low-down kick-about version of the Soma is updated the same way by adding a swish new tonal toe-cap. Available in suede or canvas and in a colour for every day of the week.

Now listen to The Who - ''Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy''. Track 7.




Imagination is a wonderful thing

We strive to make each season a celebration of all these values we hold so dear, and this collection for Spring / Summer 2014 proves to be no exception – it is an effortless blend of concept, colour and aesthetic done with characteristic and distinctive Pointer flair. Where else could you find the earth-bound, organic themes, tones and textures of the Land Art movement rubbing heels and toes with the spontaneous flash and vibrancy of the world at play? The sweep and curve of nature converging with the pace and graceful lines of all things ‘vintage’ sport..?





Our footwear is as much renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, fit, shape and colour as it is for its willingness to experiment – to reinvent “Classics” by playfully mixing materials, formats, styling and pattern to offer something truly special and, in many ways, unique. To this end we retain a proud tradition of working with, and taking inspiration from, people and things we feel manifest the same independent spirit, integrity and creativity. Now, they may be artists, illustrators, makers, musicians or just plain original thinkers, and that may just be something that caught our eyes or ears on the way to work - but they are all at the beating heart of what we do.